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Unlocking Your Financial Future
Unlocking Your Financial Future
Weekly financial and retirement guidance with Ben Schrock of BA Schrock Financial Group in Wadsworth, Ohio. Also serving the Cleveland and Akron areas. This podcast will help you learn important financial concepts that allow you to retire with confidence.
Ep 23: Mailbag Time! Life Insurance, Company Stock, & Retiring Early
by Ben Schrock

It’s another mailbag edition of the show and we’re covering five different topics that you’ve been asking about. From company stock to old life insurance policies to hitting seven figures in your portfolio, it’s a wide range of retirement conversations but we’re hitting them all today.

Show notes and additional resources:https://www.baschrock-fg.com/podcast/ep-23-mailbag-time-life-insurance-company-stock-retiring-early/

Today's rundown:

1:32 – Talking with clients and listeners allows you to get a feel for what’s on everyone’s mind regarding planning.

2:18 – Question #1: I can sell my house for $500,000 and I only owe about $100,000. I’m only 57 but I’m thinking about selling it now, buying a smaller place, and using the cash to retire now. Is that a bad idea?

2:43 – Each state has different tax laws so that’s important to consider.

3:15 – How are you planning to invest that money?

3:55 – We talk with a lot of clients that are considering a similar move.

5:11 – Question #2: Unless my entire board of directors gets in trouble, I feel really confident about our future potential and growth. How much is too much company stock to own in my 401k?

7:02 – Even great companies can take a steep drop as we’ve seen in the past.

7:22 – Question #3: I’d really like to meet with a financial advisor but my husband wants to handle investments ourselves. Is that okay to do without help?

8:24 – Do you see many couples that come with completely different opinions on using an advisor?

9:41 – Question #4: I have about $50,000 in an old life insurance policy. I don’t need it anymore so should I cash out and invest it elsewhere?

11:41 – Question #5: I always told myself that once I hit one million dollars in my portfolio I’d move it all to cash. Now that I’m there, I think I can get to $1.2 million. What do you think?

13:29 – Where does that million dollar number come from? Is that more than enough for your retirement?

Weekly financial and retirement guidance with Ben Schrock of BA Schrock Financial Group in Wadsworth, Ohio. This podcast will help you learn important financial concepts that allow you to retire with confidence.

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Ep 18: Retirement Checklist, Pensions, & More Mailbag Questions

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Ep 17: Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Social Security Benefits?

Let’s wrap up our four-part series on Social Security misunderstandings by talking about the dreaded ‘T’ word. After years of paying the government, you might not think that you have to send more money their way when you start claiming your benefits. We’re going to clear up that subject today by explaining how taxes are calculated for an individual’s Social Security and how we work with our clients to lessen that burden.

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Ep 12: How Will the 2020 Election Impact Investing?

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Ep 11: Awkward Conversations With Your Financial Advisor – Part 2

No one enjoys having to take part in those difficult conversations but it’s a necessary part of building a comprehensive retirement plan. Let’s finish up our two-part series with three additional topics that you might not enjoy discussing but your financial advisor needs to be asking these questions.   

Ep 10: Awkward Conversations With Your Financial Advisor – Part 1

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Ep 9: The Risks Savers Face: Not Spending Enough – Part 4

On the final installment on our series about the missteps that savers make along the way, we turn our attention to something most people love to do: spending. Savers aren’t the best at this because it’s a complete shift in mindset, but there will come a time when you need to spend the money you’ve been working so hard to accumulate.

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Ep 8: The Risks Savers Face: The Tax Time Bomb – Part 3

Part 3 of our series on savers and the missteps they can make in planning, we turn to the dreaded topic of taxes. As you save and invest for your future, are you considering the tax time bomb that could be looming down the road? What about strategies that can help lessen your tax burden? Let’s discuss the options that you have to save yourself money in taxes.

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Ep 7: The Risks Savers Face: Being Too Aggressive – Part 2

We continue our discussion on savers and some of the missteps they can make along the way. Saving is key to retirement success but are you getting the best return on your money for your needs? Today we look at risk and how it can impact your portfolio negatively if you don't put a pan in place to deal with downtu

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Ep 6: The Risks That Savers Face: Too Much Cash – Part 1

Even the best savers make mistakes when planning for retirement and we’re launching a new series that will go in-depth on that topic. Part 1 of The Risks that Savers Face will discuss cash and why becoming so enamored with it can end up costing you money over the long run.

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Ep 5: Shifting from Stocks to Bonds Removes the Volatility – Busting Financial Myths, Part 5

Today we wrap up the five-part series on Busting the Biggest Financial Myths with a conversation on stocks and bonds. There’s a common belief that shifting to bonds removes all the volatility out of your portfolio, but that not a certainty. To help us explain this idea, we bring on a guest that specializes in building and maintaining client portfolios.

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Ep 4: Financial Planning Can Be Done by Anyone with Technology – Busting Financial Myths, Part 4

On part four of our financial myths series, we take a look at the idea that financial planning today is much easier to do because of technology and it’s something you can easily take on by yourself. While it’s great to have access to everything the internet has to offer, it’s far from a perfect solution to planning your future.

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Ep 3: You’ll Be in a Lower Tax Bracket When You Retire – Busting Financial Myths, Part 3

Now we move to part three of a five-part series about financial myths and this episode focuses on taxes. Once we finish working, it’s easy to assume that our taxes will drop because we’ll move into a lower tax bracket. Well, that’s not the case. Find out why your taxes might increase and what strategies you can use to offset that.

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